2017 Taking Shape

2016 has been a year to remember.  We were fortunate to be able to provide training to the U.S. Army and to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police British Columbia Lower Mainland Emergency Response Team as well as a host of other agencies from around the country.

2017 will kick off early with a Level I Sniper course planned for 23 – 27 January.  You can download the Registration Packet on the Training Schedule page of the website.   Also planned for the year is a Level II course later in the late winter or early spring and a Level III Sniper hosted by Maury County Sheriff’s Office in Columbia, TN in September (dates pending).

We are also working on plans for the first ever Tennessee Sniper Congress to be held later in 2017.  This will be a Sniper’s In Service with advanced training, guest speakers and live-fire training.  The format will be a combination In Service with a mini-conference theme.  More to follow as the plans take shape.

Finally, 2016 has been a dangerous year to be the Police.  2017 will probably be no better.  Stay Safe and Train Hard!