2020 Fall Schedule Announced

We are returning to training in the coming months, with limited custom and open enrollment courses on the schedule.  We have reduced class sizes and will comply with CDC and host state health guidelines for all courses.  Since the CV-19 pandemic is still dynamic, we will proceed cautiously with due regard for the situation.

Personal Protective Handgun 1

This is a custom course being provided in Palmer, Alaska.   The course will be presented 2 times in September

12-13 September and 19-20 September 2020

Registration is available on the Schedule and Registration page

Level I Sniper
Fairfield, Utah

SPS/HGTG will conduct 2 Level I courses hosted by Unified P.D. of Greater Salt Lake and West Jordan P.D.  the weeks of 28 Sept. – 2 Oct. and 5 – 9 Oct. 2020.  This course is a reschedule of an earlier course cancelled due to CV-19.  Extremely limited registration is available.

Level I Sniper
Springfield, Tennessee

SPS /HGTG will conduct a Level I course hosted by Robertson Co.S.O. in Springfield, TN, 19 – 23 October 2020.  This is a reschedule of the course scheduled for Laurens, SC in May that was cancelled due to CV-19. Extremely limited registration will be released after initially registered applicants have confirmed attendance.

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Planned for 2-6 November 2020 and hosted by Tipton Co. S.O. in Covington, Tennessee.  The course is TN POST approved (#20-40). Registration is available on the Schedule page.

Coming in 2021,

LE Designated Marksman, Linden, TN

Level I and Level II Sniper, Carlsbad, TX

LE Firearms Instructor and Rangemaster, Tennessee

Accepting hosting requests for 2021 at this time.