Gearing Up for the 2021 Training Season

We are less than one month out from the beginning of the 2021 Training Season.  We will  kick it off in Chattanooga with a LE Rifle Instructor Course the week of 8-12 March.  Agencies have responded well and the course is full.  It is on to Linden, TN the next week for the 4-day LE Designated Marksman Course with officers from Tennessee and Mississippi nearly filling the roster.  Enrollment closes on 15 February with only 2 positions left.

April takes us back to Cookeville to do LE Firearms Instructor with Cookeville PD the week of 5-9 April.  At the end of the month it is off to East Tennessee where we will be doing a Special Operations Sustainment Training Course for Sullivan CO S.O.

In May we complete the season with a Level I Sniper course at Johnson City, TN.  This class is filled to capacity with a +50% standby list so we are working on the possibility of doing a second week of training to accommodate the demand.  To all of our client agencies,  and units as well as those officers and military personnel who continue to pay their own way through our courses we appreciate you and the trust that you continue to show us.  Thank you for help us celebrate our 20th year of providing training to armed professionals.