We are Closing the SPS Facebook Page

We are closing the SPS/HGTG Facebook page. Thanks to all who have liked and followed the page. Over the past couple of months we noticed an inordinate jump in the number of followers and page likes and got really excited until we started tracking them. What we saw concerned us.  A large number of the new likes and followers came from civilian firearms enthusiasts. No big deal… until we looked closer and began to realize that we were attracting attention from individuals and/or bots with very far right and very far left extremist views.  We found that we were spending too much time on a daily basis checking, blocking and banning these accounts.
SPS was founded to serve armed professionals who have sworn to protect and serve. We do not support extremist ideas or views from any camp and we will not be drawn into the extremist political fray or give the impression that we support one or the other.
We will maintain our Instagram account (@sniperproshop) for communication and my professional Linked In page as well as this SPS website. We will be in the process of phasing out the SPS Facebook page in the coming weeks. Thanks to all who continue to support us, rest assured we are still in the business of supporting our alumni and client law enforcement agencies and military units.
Looking forward to a great year of training!