2022 Is Almost Here!

Okay, maybe the sentiment is too soon, but 2022 is inbound to your you position!  We are busy planning our 2022 calendar and we are beginning to receive inquiries and hosting requests.

Host agencies for open enrollment courses should be aware of several things that affect the ability to host a successful course.

  • Can your facility support a training event?  Do you have adequate range and classroom facilities that can support the event that you are interested in hosting.
  • What are your training needs?   Host agencies receive tuition free positions in courses, but should consider whether  they need more than just the free slot.  
  • What can you do to boost enrollment and ensure a full class?  Host agencies need to be ready to provide the network support to let other agencies in the area know about the class and fill the roster.  We expect hosting agencies to help with course promotion.
  • What logistics are needed? 
    • Housing – adequate hotel facilities within reasonable proximity to the training site.
    • Food Services – within reasonable proximity to the training site.
    • Outreach to area agencies.
    • Course logistics – assistance with locally sourced materials and support for the class.
    • Support during the course – Host agency should be ready to provide a liaison who can support training events during the class.
  • P.O.S.T. Submission – In Tennessee, host agencies will be requested to submit the course of instruction to TN POST through their GDI’s office so that personnel attending can have in-service credit for the class.  SPS classes have been submitted and approved for credit for 20 years and counting.

Special Operations Sustainment Training

Our SOST program is designed to bring a specialized course of training to the agency based on the agency/team’s specific training needs.  We have worked agencies in several states to provide custom training including:

  • Sniper Sustainment Training
  • Close Team Support Training
  • S.W.A.T. Operator Course
  • Fugitive Apprehension Specialist Training Course
  • Tactical Firearms Training for Line Officers

SOST courses have become approximately 30% of our training calendar.

Contact us at sniperproshop@bellsouth.net or 615.952.9560 for hosting information packets or to inquire if your agency can provide the needed logistics.