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Sniper Support Bag

This 4″x6″ bag made with Cordura™ nylon and filled with poly bead filling.  We train sniper to use the Sniper Support Bag to do more than support the toe of the stock.  The Sniper Support Bag may be used to support positional shooting, balance the sniper on uneven ground, alleviate fatigue while maintain shooting positions. Made by SPS in our Tennessee shop.


Sniper Data Logbook

The SPS Sniper Data Logbook is made with Rite-in-the-Rain™ weatherproof paper, has plastic cover and binding to make for a weather resistant product that will hold up to the rigors of sniper work.   Designed and made by Sniper Pro Shop.


Sniper Weapon System Sling (SWSS)

The SWSS is made by SPS in our Tennessee shop.  It is a 1.25″ quick adjust sling that will allow the sniper to quickly move from transport to support using the sling.  Sling comes without swivels


Bolt Action Ammunition Management System (BAAMS)

The BAAMS system was developed with input from our HGTG staff as a way to manage ammunition for top loading bolt action rifles.  With magazine fed rifles becoming more of the norm, we find that the BAAMAS still provides a means to rapidly feed the rifle once the magazine is empty.  The BAAMS card holds 8 rounds and is backed with hook material to affix to any loop surface.


BAAMS Envelope Pouch

The BAAMS Envelope Pouch will hold two BAAMS cards for a total of 20 rounds in a manageable package.  The front panel of the Envelope Pouch is covered with Loop material to accommodate a third card or to move a card to the front where it is easily accessible to the sniper.


More information and online ordering coming soon.  To place an order call us at 615-952-9560.

hgtg1 final

The HGTG1 target is now available.  Designed by Sniper Pro Shop / High Ground Training Group, the target is available from us or from Law Enforcement Targets.  Designed to support training for a variety of shooters, this target will ultimately support the Qualification standards for our Sniper Standards program.  Contact Sniper Pro Shop for more information.

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