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The Mission of Sniper Pro Shop / High Ground Training Group is to provide the best possible training experience in Police Special Operations Firearms and Instructor Level Training.  By continuing to apply innovation to the craft of tactical firearms training, we will press forward to be a forerunner in providing solid contemporary training to armed professionals. Our mission is to ensure that our students truly “Dominate the High Ground.”

Denny R. Elliott, CEO, Instructor

Denny Elliott’s career in law enforcement spanned over 29 years.  He served in agencies in Kentucky and Tennessee and as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.  His work in LE Special Operations began early in his career and served as a task force counter-drug field operator, SWAT operator, Sniper, Sniper Section Leader, Team Leader and Commander.  He served as chief LEO in two agencies and has been involved in training since the early 1990’s.  Denny spent the last five years of his  active duty law enforcement career assigned as the training commander for a Tennessee Sheriff’s Office with over 300 sworn personnel where he oversaw a full-time training staff managing all agency training.  He is a member of the NTOA, IALEFI, ILEETA, TLETOA and American Sniper Association.  He is a certified instructor in Firearms, Tactical Rifle, Force on Force, Defensive Tactics, Baton, Edged Weapons, LE Ethics and Below 100.   He developed the Level I, II, III and IV Police Sniper Courses, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Course, Law Enforcement Designated Marksman Course  and various other tactical training courses of instruction which are owned by Sniper Pro Shop and presented by the High Ground Training Group.



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