The mission of High Ground Training Group is to provide an exceptional and affordable training experience in Law Enforcement Special Operations Firearms and Instructor Training. By continuing to apply innovation to the craft of tactical firearms training, we will press forward to be leaders in providing solid contemporary training and support to armed professionals, professional snipers and tactical operators. Our mission is to ensure that our students truly       “Dominate the High Ground.” HG Logo


Sniper Pro Shop is a GSA Schedule Training Provider for Homeland Security Training for the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement.

The SPS/HGTG Difference

Goal Oriented Training 

Our goal is to provide our clients with an affordable and quality training experience that will rival any other.  The members of High Ground Training Group, are professionals that bring the experience of a variety of law enforcement agencies from small to large, from rural to urban, municipal, county, federal and state task force.   They bring a lifetime of service in pursuit of their individual crafts with thousands of hours of training, missions and experience under their belts.  Members of HGTG have also served in the U.S. Military and our company is proud to have provided training for a variety of military units and personnel.  That service led us to pursue certification as GSA approved training provider for military and law enforcement.

Our clients come from across a variety of agencies as well; local state and federal.  Many of our client agencies have sent officers to us for years and have been with us to see our company mature to what it is today.  Our classes vary from our standard open enrollment Level I – Level IV Sniper courses to custom Sniper and SWAT Sustainment training courses for team clients.

Bringing Value to Training

The sniper student will experience a small class environment with unparalleled access to the instructors throughout the training week.  We urge you to compare class size, instructor-to-student ratios, and accessibility to staff by students when selecting training for your snipers and operators.

Level I Sniper Students receive a Sniper Starter Kit containing gear to enhance their training experience and utilize beyond training.  Level II Sniper Students receive an Urban Hide Kit usable for training and deployment.  Both kits are valued at over $100.

We were fortunate to be able to utilize facilities of the Tennessee Army National Guard at Tennessee Army National Guard Volunteer Training Site in Tullahoma, TN from 2010 through 2019. 

Demand on the Volunteer Training Site has grown rapidly and so we have sought other training locations that can provide amenities and unique training experiences for our clients without compromising training quality.  While the COVID-19 Pandemic has put training on hold, we look forward to restarting training in late 2020 & 2021.    We recently have partnered with the Sawmill Tactical Training Complex in Laurens, South Carolina where we to present the Level I  Sniper course in late 2020 and hope to expand our offerings there in 2021 and beyond.  We are also looking forward to returning to Utah this year for a Level I Sniper course in the Salt Lake region..

We are currently reevaluating training courses and procedures and reviewing best practices to adjust our training courses to ensure safety for participants in the Post-CV-19 era.

Other Training

While Sniper Training is our cornerstone, we also provide a variety of other specialized classes:

  • LE Firearms Instructor
  • LE Rifle Instructor
  • LE Rangemaster

Other tactical classes include:

  • LE Designated Marksman
  • Close Team Support
  • Tactical Rifle and Pistol
  • SWAT Operator 1, and
  • SWAT and Sniper Sustainment Training

Service Beyond the School

We pledge to be available to our students and their agencies as a resource beyond the training course.  Today the choices in tactical training are abundant.   Carefully consider who is training your officers and draw on the experience that can provide support in policy, training, post-incident investigation and litigation.  We stand ready to provide that support.

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