Industry Partners

Sniper Pro Shop and High Ground Training Group are proud to partner with the following companies in furthering training and equipment for the tactical community.

Carolyn Clark’s photography has been a part of SPS training manuals since the first one was produced in 2001. Some of you have met her during courses when she photographed range training and a generation of snipers have “rescued” her as a hostage in one of our targets (although she has been shot in the head on occasion). In the past few years she has elevated her photography to a new level and now you can see what she does beyond the great tactical warrior and technical training photography.  Her website is now online with images of wildlife and birds that share our homestead and bring a sense of calm to our lives. Her goal is to share that with anyone who needs a respite. The site has extensive photography of various species and she has included some of her tactical photography as well – you might find your picture there! So you meat-eaters come for the tactical, stay for the wildlife and please share the site with folks in your life that will enjoy seeing what she captures on a daily basis without a trap or a net. Eventually, she will offer some product, but for now, just visit and enjoy the site. Thanks in advance for supporting the woman who is my support and has made so much of what we do at SPS unique and professional. Please share her site with your friends. The site is best experienced on larger screens.  Visit CMKC Studio at: 

Custom Tactical Shop is an LEO owned business specializing in tactical and sporting firearms.  The proprietor is an HGTG Alumni and offers specials to alumni of SPS/HGTG courses.    Visit their website at:

Fury Carry Solutions is a Tennessee based Kydex holster manufacturer in East Tennessee providing a wide variety of holsters, mag carriers. We have tested them and Denny Elliott carries their products on the range and for daily carry. Fury graciously provides a discount to alumni of High Ground Training Group courses. Alumni may contact us by email for the discount information. Visit the Fury Carry Solutions website at:

Nashville K-9 provides a variety of training from obedience to the instruction and certification of personal protection and law enforcement service dogs.  Visit Nashville K-9 at:

You Operate a Firing Range. We Get the Lead Out!
MT2 Firing Range Services is recognized industry wide for being the nation’s #1 largest professional provider of the full scale of outdoor and indoor gun range cleaning, environmental, maintenance and construction design/build services for both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.
As the only firing range services provider with Nationwide operations, MT2 operates from our network of regional offices offering full 50 state coverage with OSHA and EPA certified work teams.

MT2 provides assistance and material for our Rangemaster Training course.  Visit MT2 at

North American Rescue is the premier company providing emergency medical equipment to the tactical community.  With the help of NAR, we are able to provide tactical medical equipment and training to students in our SWAT and other tactical programs.  HGTG equips its instructors with NAR emergency medical gear.  Visit North American Rescue at:

Pioneer Tactical is a unique home-based, family-run business located in Palmer, Alaska.  Pioneer specializes in comprehensive firearms training appropriate for the beginner through advanced shooters.  They are also Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) gun dealer.   Pioneer is a hosting site for HGTG tactical series classes.  Visit their website at:


Unfair Advantage provides civilian firearms instruction to elite clients in the Nashville area.  It is our pleasure to refer civilian shooters who wish to build skills in a discreet and professional environment to them. Visit Unfair Advantage at:

Nashville Airsoft is a full service airsoft equipment vendor located at 406 Davidson Street,  Nashville, TN 37213.  Featuring a large indoor airsoft arena, Nashville Airsoft can assist the LEO or Agency in selection, service and training with airsoft weapon simulators.  Visit their website at:  

Shooters Connection is a supplier for sporting and range shooting equipment.  We are excited to be working with them to provide top rated equipment to our students in the LEFI course.  Visit them at:


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