S.W.A.T. Operator I course completed in Juneau, Alaska

Members of the Juneau, AK Police Department SWAT Team completed the SWAT Operator I Course last week in Juneau.  We were fortunate to get to work with a top notch group of operators who displayed a great work ethic and willingness to push to their limits.

Thanks to JPD for the trust and opportunity and thanks to HGTG Guest Adjunct Dan C. for making the trek from Utah to work with me on the course.

Check out the highlight video on our Vimeo channel at:   https://vimeo.com/595986961 

2022 Is Almost Here!

Okay, maybe the sentiment is too soon, but 2022 is inbound to your you position!  We are busy planning our 2022 calendar and we are beginning to receive inquiries and hosting requests.

Host agencies for open enrollment courses should be aware of several things that affect the ability to host a successful course.

  • Can your facility support a training event?  Do you have adequate range and classroom facilities that can support the event that you are interested in hosting.
  • What are your training needs?   Host agencies receive tuition free positions in courses, but should consider whether  they need more than just the free slot.  
  • What can you do to boost enrollment and ensure a full class?  Host agencies need to be ready to provide the network support to let other agencies in the area know about the class and fill the roster.  We expect hosting agencies to help with course promotion.
  • What logistics are needed? 
    • Housing – adequate hotel facilities within reasonable proximity to the training site.
    • Food Services – within reasonable proximity to the training site.
    • Outreach to area agencies.
    • Course logistics – assistance with locally sourced materials and support for the class.
    • Support during the course – Host agency should be ready to provide a liaison who can support training events during the class.
  • P.O.S.T. Submission – In Tennessee, host agencies will be requested to submit the course of instruction to TN POST through their GDI’s office so that personnel attending can have in-service credit for the class.  SPS classes have been submitted and approved for credit for 20 years and counting.

Special Operations Sustainment Training

Our SOST program is designed to bring a specialized course of training to the agency based on the agency/team’s specific training needs.  We have worked agencies in several states to provide custom training including:

  • Sniper Sustainment Training
  • Close Team Support Training
  • S.W.A.T. Operator Course
  • Fugitive Apprehension Specialist Training Course
  • Tactical Firearms Training for Line Officers

SOST courses have become approximately 30% of our training calendar.

Contact us at sniperproshop@bellsouth.net or 615.952.9560 for hosting information packets or to inquire if your agency can provide the needed logistics.


SWAT OPERATOR I, 22-27 August 2021, Juneau,  Alaska  Closed Course

Level I Basic Sniper, 13-17 September 2021, Gunnison, Utah

Level II Advanced Sniper, 20-24 September 2021, Price, Utah

Level II Advanced Sniper, 11-15 October 2021, Johnson City, TN  Course Full – accepting standby registrations

Level III Sniper – Leadership, Training and Utilization of SWAT Snipers, 18 – 20 October, Blountville, TN

Tactical Firearms Course, 4 November 2021, Nolensville, TN Closed Course

So far in 2021, we have trained over 80 officers from 4 states and the second half of the year will be just as busy.  Thanks to all the officers who have attended training and our client agencies that keep using us.  We are thankful for the trust.

We are now planning our Spring 2022 course schedule and accepting hosting requests.

East Tennessee Training Tour

We have completed the three week training tour in East Tennessee in April and May.  We completed an S.O.S.T.  class in Sullivan County, 26-30 April.  The class – Fugitive Apprehension Specialist Training – was conducted for the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Apprehension and SWAT Teams.

During the weeks  of 3-7 & 10-14 May 2021 we completed two weeks of Level I Sniper training with the Johnson City Police Department.  25 operators from Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Alabama attended these courses.  We are excited to be working with JCPD at their fantastic Rick Collins Training Complex.  These classes mark our 20th year of providing training to Snipers and other armed professionals.

Denny with Guest & Host Cadre.  These guys did a great job making this course happen.

LE Firearms Instructor Course

SPS/HGTG completed an LE Firearms Instructor Course in Cookeville, TN the week of 5-9 April.  12 officers from 4 agencies attended the class and all successfully completed the course.  Thanks to our host, Cookeville Police Department for bringing us back to the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau!

Agencies represented:

  • Cookeville PD
  • Murfreesboro PD
  • Moore County SO
  • Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

LE Designated Marksman Course

We completed the LE Designated Marksman course this week in Linden, TN, hosted by the Perry Co. Sheriff’s Office.  10 LEOs from 2 states attended the 4-day, 32-hour course.

This unique  program trains patrol level officers to effectively utilize the LE Special Purpose Rifle to effectively engage threats at short to intermediate ranges.  The use of the LEDM increases accuracy and potentially lessens the amount of rounds fired in an engagement with a dangerous criminal.  Congratulations to the officers attending.

LE Rifle Instructor Class #12

Congratulations to the members of LERI Class #12 who successfully completed the course on Friday, 12 March.

Thanks to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office for hosting and Chattanooga P.D. and HCSO for the great range facility.  The class represented 6 agencies from 2 states and the U.S. Military and they all represented their respective agencies and units well.

Three members of the class had previously completed the LE Firearms Instructor Course and were awarded their Calibre II LE Firearms Instructor Certifications from HGTG! Congrats to Brad F., Marie K., and Mickey R.!

We are Closing the SPS Facebook Page

We are closing the SPS/HGTG Facebook page. Thanks to all who have liked and followed the page. Over the past couple of months we noticed an inordinate jump in the number of followers and page likes and got really excited until we started tracking them. What we saw concerned us.  A large number of the new likes and followers came from civilian firearms enthusiasts. No big deal… until we looked closer and began to realize that we were attracting attention from individuals and/or bots with very far right and very far left extremist views.  We found that we were spending too much time on a daily basis checking, blocking and banning these accounts.
SPS was founded to serve armed professionals who have sworn to protect and serve. We do not support extremist ideas or views from any camp and we will not be drawn into the extremist political fray or give the impression that we support one or the other.
We will maintain our Instagram account (@sniperproshop) for communication and my professional Linked In page as well as this SPS website. We will be in the process of phasing out the SPS Facebook page in the coming weeks. Thanks to all who continue to support us, rest assured we are still in the business of supporting our alumni and client law enforcement agencies and military units.
Looking forward to a great year of training!
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