As a GSA schedule Defense Contractor, SPS/HGTG provides consultation services to law enforcement agencies in the following areas.

SWAT Team and Sniper Section Consultation – Along with organized and custom training, SPS can provide a myriad of consulting services for SWAT Teams and snipers to assist them bringing their teams and sniper sections into contemporary efficient models. This includes organization, equipment and training consultation.

Range Management – This program will provide the agency with a basic guideline for setting up and managing a strong firearms training program to fit the budget as well as environmentally responsible management of the range facility.

Training Program Review – This program includes a review of the firearms training program.  A final recommendation report will be provided to give the agency the guidelines needed to build a solid and responsible firearms training program.

Use of Force Incident Support – SPS will provide post-incident review and assistance to agencies to include independent review of the use of force incident and litigation consultation.

Contact Denny Elliott at 615.952.9560 or for assistance or more information.


Sniper Pro Shop provides a growing number of resources for client agencies and professionals in the Tactical and Instructional arenas.  Please see downloadable resources along with those that can be requested.

SPS / HGTG Sniper Section Training Standards

SPS / HGTG will provide the Sniper Section Training Standards for subscribing agencies.  A product of several years of research of training protocols for LE Snipers, we have released a challenging and yet achievable guideline for the training of Law Enforcement Sniper Sections.  SPS/HGTG will provide the training standards document to requesting agencies upon written request of a subscription.  There is no charge for this service, but it will require a subscription request from the agency and confirmation of identity of requesting person.  Contact Denny Elliott at info@sniperproshop for information.


S.W.A.T.  Functional Fitness Test

Sniper Pro Shop/High Ground Training Group has developed a S.W.A.T. Functional Fitness Test for use by S.W.A.T. personnel.  The test was developed by SPS/HGTG utilizing the resources of the National Strength and Conditioning Association Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) program as reference.  The FFT references elements of the Colorado Springs, CO S.W.A.T. Functional Fitness Test, LA County Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Bureau Functional Fitness Test and the Snipercraft Functional Fitness Test providing a multi-level S.W.A.T. Operator FFT.  

The program is available to agencies at no charge and must be requested via agency email or letterhead.  Contact Denny Elliott at

The Law Enforcement Designated Marksman Concept, Training and Deployment

LinkedIn article by Denny Elliott published 26 January 2021.  As civil unrest and homegrown terrorism expands, law enforcement must contend with how to adapt to a community policing and de-escalation model while being ready to respond to violent incidents rapidly and efficiently.  The LE Designated Marksman may provide the bridge needed between a standard police response and the more definitive but lethargic response of  SWAT.




Article by Denny Elliott published on LinkedIn 20 June 2020.   Denny provides a review of recent use of force cases from the viewpoint of landmark SCOTUS cases.

HOW DID WE GET HERE?   A Short Look Back as Law Enforcement Moves Forward

An article by Denny Elliott published on LinkedIn in June 2020.  Denny provides an abridged retrospective on police training during his career and where we are today in reference to the death of Mr. George Floyd in police custody.



This is an extensive article by Denny Elliott published on LinkedIn in May 2020.  Denny provides insight and guidance on the subject based on an extensive career that includes service, command, and training.  The link below provides direct access to the LinkedIn publication.

Why Sniper Need to Attend a Level II Sniper Course

Read this new article by Denny Elliott on LinkIn, June 2023




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