2021 Marks 20th Anniversary for Training

2021 will mark our 20th Anniversary of providing training for snipers and armed professionals.  I taught my first sniper course to my then agency in 2002 and we were on our way.  We began providing training in Kentucky in the mid 1990’s as Defensive Empowerment Systems and our earliest sniper courses were done under that company flag.   We began a business migration in 2005 that became Sniper Pro Shop.   In 2010 we established the High Ground Training Group working with select members of our Alumni over the years.

2021 marks our 20th year for sniper training and we hope to make it a banner year for training for snipers and armed professionals.  We are currently accepting requests for hosting and custom Special Operations Sustainment Training courses for 2021 now.  The below video is from our new Vimeo channel.  It is currently on our social media pages and we hope to be producing more videos soon.

Stay Safe!