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The Alumni Hoodie is Back for 2023

Our alumni have been asking for the Alumni Hoodie, so it is back for 2023.  This will be a pre-order item with a limited time availability.  The hoodie is only available Alumni of any SPS/HGTG course or SOST Training event.  The hoodie design has been changed up with new logos on the back and the HGTG mountain rifle emblem on the chest. It is available in OD Green and Black.  Pre-order is open now and will end 31 October.

Sniper Weapon System Bulletin

If your agency is using Tikka Rifles for Sniper Weapon Systems, contact us by email for the full bulletin.  We will only provide this information to agencies or LE Snipers who are deploying Tikka rifles as Sniper Weapons Systems.

Note:  SPS/HGTG provides no endorsements, paid or otherwise for weapons or products.  Our experience with Tikka Rifles during sniper training courses has been positive.  We rely on feedback from the operators in the field for issues and problems and seek to find answers through the network of our clients and associates.

UPDATE 10 August 2023

As of now, we have had no more notices of this anomaly in the Tikka weapon system.  As indicated earlier, we have several clients using this weapon system and we regularly see them in Sniper Courses.   We have not directly experienced any new failures with them.  Please advise us if you experience any issues with the weapons so we can update the community.

2023 Schedule and Links

Sniper Pro Shop / High Ground Training Group

2023 Sniper Training Classes for Tennessee Region

Southeast Sniper Congress

A 4-day training event for active SWAT and Military Snipers scheduled for 7-10 March 2023 at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office training facility outside Clarksville, TN.  This event will include 3-days of training including live-fire, sniper incident debriefs as well as tactical and technical training sessions.  Day 4 will feature an industry sponsored Sniper Skills Competition that will revolve around the training events of the week.  This is a great opportunity for snipers of all skill levels to train, network and experience a supportive event to build skills and knowledge.  More information at:

Law Enforcement Designated Marksman

A 4-day event scheduled for 20-23 March 2023 at the Elk River Training Center in Pelham, TN.  This course is designed to build advanced marksmanship and tactics skills for officers who will be specially equipped and assigned to be point responders to critical mass casualty events / active shooter events where a higher level of skill and accuracy may be necessary to interdict an active assailant.  More information at:

Level I Sniper

Our flagship Level I Sniper course that has evolved from 22 years of training and over 30 years of experience.  This course is scheduled for 3-7 April at the Elk River Training Center in Pelham, TN.  More information at:


Level II Advanced Sniper

17-21 April at the Elk River Training Center in Pelham, TN.  The Level II Sniper course is based on real-world event training and continues to evolve with the tactics, equipment, and technology of the contemporary special operations sniper. More information at:

Additional courses are being planned for the Tennessee region for Fall 2023.


Other 2023 National Training Events Pending

Level I Sniper – Montgomery, Alabama, Hosted by the Montgomery Co S.O. (AL) Mid-Year 2023

Level I Sniper – Salt Lake Region, Utah, Hosted by Unified P.D. and West Jordan P.D. September 2023

Level II Sniper – Gunnison, Utah, Hosted by Utah Dept. of Corrections Central Utah Correctional Facility September 2023

Sniper Night Vision Operations (New Course) – Salt Lake Region, Utah, Hosted Unified Police Dept. of Greater Salt Lake September 2023
Contact us for more information.  Please share this information with your networks.

2023 Spring Classes are on the Schedule

The SPS/HGTG 2023 schedule is taking shape with the announcement of 3 classes for Spring 2023 for all to be held at the Elk River Training  Center in Pelham, TN.  Course registration packets are available on the Training Schedule and Registration Links page of the website.

SPS/HGTG will be continuing to announce course dates for 2023 as hosting requests are reviewed and approved.   This includes an extended Utah training mission for Fall 2023.

Courses being planned for 2023 include

  • LE Firearms Instructor
  • LE Rifle Instructor
  • LE Rangemaster
  • Level III Sniper – Leadership, Training and Utilization
  • Sniper Night Vision Operations (NEW for 2023)


Sometime ago, we deleted the SPS/HGTG Facebook account due to it being trolled by bots.  This week my personal Facebook account was hacked through a DM that appeared to come from a FB Friend that messages me regularly.  This apparently then messaged everyone in my account.  I have begun the deletion of the FB account.  We will be maintaining our Instagram Page and Linked In page.  WE DO NOT ROUTINELY USE DM FOR COMMS.  DO NOT OPEN DM OR LINKS IF THEY APPEAR TO COME FROM ME.  CONTACT US DIRECTLY VIA EMAIL OR PHONE IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION.

Sniper Pro Shop / High Ground Training Group

Why choose SPS/HGTG for Sniper Training?

 2022 is our 21st year of providing training to professional SWAT Snipers.  Sniper Pro Shop brings over two decades experience in developing & presenting sniper training programs for law enforcement special operations.  SPS/HGTG courses are constantly monitored and updated to ensure that we are providing contemporary training and best practices for Law Enforcement Special Operations. SPS is a GSA schedule vendor for firearms and homeland security training and has provided training for federal law enforcement and the U.S. Military.

In addition to our sniper training programs, SPS/HGTG provides the LE Firearms Instructor, LE Rifle Instructor and LE Rangemaster Trilogy program as well as one of the few LE Designated Marksman Training Programs in the U.S.  Besides this catalog of standard courses of training, we offer custom training programs for agencies through our Special Operations Sustainment Training program where we work with client agencies and teams to develop custom training to fill the needs of the agency.

High Ground Training Group staff are experienced professionals with thousands of hours of law enforcement and military training and operational experience.  The members of HGTG are uniquely qualified to provide a contemporary approach to training and developing the SWAT Sniper.  Their experience comes from law enforcement tactical operations from agencies serving Urban, Rural, City, County, State Task Force, and Federal Law Enforcement service, as well as Military and Corrections.

SPS/HGTG stands ready to provide service to students and client agencies after the training course for Training Planning, Policy, Post-Shooting Support and Litigation Support.

Copyright and Security Reminder

This is a reminder to SPS/HGTG Alumni 

Do not release or share any photos that you receive from SPS/HGTG on social media or with any one outside of your class.  This is a copyright violation and more importantly, as related below, could compromise the safety and security of LE or Military personnel.

I recently ran across a photo in a tactical publication that had been taken by me in one of our classes several years ago.  This photo had not been published by us at any time.  This particular photo was taken as a training record picture and provided to members of the class only.  This release of this photo  possibly compromised the identities of the operators who both ultimately have served in extremely sensitive assignments since that time.


New Classes for 2022 UPDATED 14 December 2021

Here are the updates for 2022.  We are quickly filling the 2022 schedule.

Level I Sniper

4- 8 April 2022

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Clarksville, TN


LE Firearms Instructor

25 – 29 April 2022

Tipton County Sheriff’s Office

Covington, TN


Level I Sniper

16-20 May 2022

Unified Police Dept. of Greater Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, UT

Level II Advanced Sniper

29 August – 2 September 2022

Elk River Training Center

Pelham, TN

Level I Sniper

19-23 September 2022

Utah Department of Corrections

Gunnison, TN

Level IV Sniper – Mixed Terrain Target Interdiction

10 -14 October 2022

Elk River Training Center

Pelham, TN

LE Rifle Instructor

31 October – 4 November 2022

Martin Police Department

Martin, TN

FLASHBACK 1 See our new video on our Vimeo Channel

The first in a series of Flashbacks to our training history. This was our first course specifically for a Military client and helped launch us into a more prominent training profile as GSA training provider. This Customized Level I Sniper course was done for the TN ArNG 1/278th Sniper Section as a prep course for the NG Sniper School in 2012. These soldiers went on to excel in their sniper training. We are glad to have a had a small part of that, but it was their dedication and leadership that got the job done.