Sniper Pro Shop / High Ground Training Group

Why choose SPS/HGTG for Sniper Training?

 2022 is our 21st year of providing training to professional SWAT Snipers.  Sniper Pro Shop brings over two decades experience in developing & presenting sniper training programs for law enforcement special operations.  SPS/HGTG courses are constantly monitored and updated to ensure that we are providing contemporary training and best practices for Law Enforcement Special Operations. SPS is a GSA schedule vendor for firearms and homeland security training and has provided training for federal law enforcement and the U.S. Military.

In addition to our sniper training programs, SPS/HGTG provides the LE Firearms Instructor, LE Rifle Instructor and LE Rangemaster Trilogy program as well as one of the few LE Designated Marksman Training Programs in the U.S.  Besides this catalog of standard courses of training, we offer custom training programs for agencies through our Special Operations Sustainment Training program where we work with client agencies and teams to develop custom training to fill the needs of the agency.

High Ground Training Group staff are experienced professionals with thousands of hours of law enforcement and military training and operational experience.  The members of HGTG are uniquely qualified to provide a contemporary approach to training and developing the SWAT Sniper.  Their experience comes from law enforcement tactical operations from agencies serving Urban, Rural, City, County, State Task Force, and Federal Law Enforcement service, as well as Military and Corrections.

SPS/HGTG stands ready to provide service to students and client agencies after the training course for Training Planning, Policy, Post-Shooting Support and Litigation Support.